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Adilam is a recognized leader with RFID Services being the first worldwide to adopt UHF RFID in Residential bins. We assist the Waste Industry with hardware and/or software for RFID applications. We work with the complete supply chain, ensuring complete oversight from bins delivery, through to daily use. The Waste-Xi concept is further expanded by combining this with GPS and truck driver knowledge to offer geolocated alerts, warnings, and messages that can be sent and received by the entire fleet, making hazards and other issues more easily documented and known, resulting in more timely responses.

  • Tag selection for Residential or Commercial in new or existing bins
  • Tag Programming Hardware and Software
  • Software for associating an RFID tag to a bin.
  • Bin roll-out software for associating a bin to an address.
  • In vehicle Reader and Tablets for recording of bin read and activities of vehicles.
  • Portal for reporting with API interface to other applications.
  • Alerts and warnings activated by GPS for local issues
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